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Plan Your Trip : To Italy

If you're looking to customize your own travel experience there are two options I suggest:


  • DIY: Leverage this site, our detailed blog and the internet to learn what cities and adventures you'd like to see and do. You can build and book your own trip fairly easily.

  • Keep It Super Simple: Turn the travel-planning experience to For The Love Of Italy and I'll build you a journey based on your preferences and my expertise!


When you have your own travel specialist, you can literally a la carte your trip based on your individual needs and preferences. For pricing we can keep things to a per-hour rate of $45 USD or we can set a fix-fee price based on the breadth and depth of your travel request.


If you'd like to get the ball rolling, drop me an email and I'll send you my brief questionnaire that will help me know a bit more about what inspires you so I can be most effective:


  • Hotel, villa or apartment?

  • Mountains, hills or sea? 

  • Hiking or biking? 

  • 2 people or 20 people?

  • 3-week or 3-month getaway?

We can handle arrangements entirely via email or jump on a brief call so we can interact live.

Best wishes making your Italian adventure a reality!

~ Patrick

Italy Travel Specialist

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